audience ACTS

Each artist's work was presented to the audience immediately following the play in the social areas of the theatre. Before the play, I had several ideas in mind, but it was only shortly before the performance that I decided how to make the work.

I decided to focus my attention NOT on the drama of the play, but purely on the audience. Observing a section of the audience, I observed, and noted their actions.

Following the end of the play I read out audience ACTS to the assembled audience, and members of the cast gathered in the bar area.


7.41 Someone takes a photo 7.42 Man picks nose, Woman sips from wine glass 7.44 Man takes his hand away from his chin, Audience laughs, Man sips from beer bottle 7.45 Woman in back row scratches her head, Woman eyes onstage action suspiciously 7.47 Woman turns to friend and laughs 7.48 Someone sneezes twice, or was that three times? 7.50 One woman, then another in the front row, turn around to tap the leg of a man sitting behind them, both women then turn back around and smile 7.52 Woman shuffles in her seat 7.54 A woman scratches her face 7.55 Man’s eyes flit between actors 7.57 Someone goes "mmmmmmmmm" 7.58 Someone giggles 8.00 Audience laughs 8.01 Man writes something down 8.02 Woman caresses side of her face 8.03 Woman has her eyes closed 8.05 Woman opens her eyes, then closes them again 8.07 Someone sniggers 8.08 Another snigger, then another snigger 8.11 Someone says "What?” 8.13 Someone whispers "SHUT UP!" 8.15 A cough 8.16 Feet are tapped in rhythm to music 8.17 Woman sucks thumb and slowly caresses her hair 8.18 Someone giggles 8.20 Man smiles, and turns to his neighbour as an actor’s leg touches his leg 8.21 Shoes shuffle on floor 8.22 Someone turns a page 8.24 Man clears this throat 8.25 Man rubs his eyes with his left hand 8.26 Man adjusts his glasses ever so slightly 8.29 Someone sneezes 8.30 Audience laughs, Woman writes very quickly in her book 8.32 Woman rubs her nose 8.33 Man looks into the eyes of an actor who is sitting right in front of him 8.35 Man nibbles a piece of paper in his hand 8.36 Woman carefully plants her pointed heels on the floor 8.38 Someone knocks a beer bottle over 8.40 Man scratches his hand 8.44 Man laughs



Man flicks the piece of paper in his hand 9.08 Woman taps her left foot to the music and then scratches her nose delicately 9.11 Woman flicks her ponytail forward 9.13 Audience laughs 9.14 Audience laughs 9.17 Woman flexes her foot, she wears orange shoes 9.20 A glass clunks 9.22 A young woman seems to thread something between her fingers 9.25 A woman clinks her glass 9.26 Woman puts her glass on the floor 9.28 Woman sips from her beer bottle 9.30 Someone ‘clicks‘ their pen top 9.32 Man moves his right foot to avoid touching an actor 9.35 Woman tidies the neckline of her dress 9.38 Woman shuffles her feet 9.41 Man puts his left hand in the neck of his shirt to scratch his right shoulder 9.44 Man guffaws 9.50 A man yawns heavily, the light from his mobile illuminates his face 10.00 A woman toys with her bottle of water



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