Walk HERE commenced at Camberwell Green, and its route visited each of the twelve yellow 'heritage' HERE plaques.

At each plaque, Mobheg Rich shared his knowledge of the artist or writer commemorated in each plaque. Participants in the walk were showed the record shop where John Constable bought his records, the cafe where Van Gogh and Gauguin ate their croissants, and were then invited to stand on the very spot where Virginia Woolf (the original ladette) collapsed following a raucous hen night in Bloomsbury.

In the window of The Hermits Cave, the HERE plaque read The Brontes Enjoyed A Swift Pint Here.

Mobheg Rich explained that writing was not the first career choice of Anne, Charlotte, and Emily Bronte.

It was their second.

In fact, they turned to writing as part of their rehabilitation programme following their release from Cookham Wood prison where they had served time for bank robbery.

The Brontes were in fact notorious and feared for their violent and audacious robberies. They seemed to have taken great pleasure in using the JCB 5000 to crash directly into the bank, and then calmly ask for all the money in the safe to be placed in exquisitely embroidered swag bags.

At The Hermits Cave they carefully planned their bank jobs.

They were much admired by Ron and Reggie Kray who secretly hoped that The Brontes would eventually challenge and replace the notorious Richardsons as South Londonís premier criminal family.

The Brontes eventually moved to Yorkshire to concentrate on their writing, where they drew upon their prison experiences by scripting the pilot episodes of Prisoner Cell Bock H, the Australian television series much enjoyed by polite society in nineteenth Century England.

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