Visitors to the gallery were greeted by The Reverend Phillips, who, as the newly appointed curate, was there
'to meet local artists, and to see what kind of things happen in an art gallery'.

Before the evenings' performances began The Reverend Philips thanked the gallery for inviting him along, and introduced WILF, the puppet he often took with him when he talked to people 'about The Lord'.

Intending to lead everyone in singing All Things Bright and Beautiful, he was interrupted by WILF, who said that he wished to say something.

The Reverend Phillips, although surprised at this, nonetheless, allowed WILF to speak.

Part revelation / confrontation / confession / and finally act of reconciliation, WILF was devised after reading Lewis Hyde, on Allen Ginsberg, in his book Trickster Makes This World:

That the things he comes to 'confess' are not things he wishes to distance himself from, but things he longs to honour. Therefore he not only wrestles with shame, he remakes its territory sanctifying what others have called profane.

WILF: Artworks

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