The Cut

For The Cut I made three bodies of work.

I worked with pupils at Gainsborough School in Hackney Wick, to Chinese Whisper memories of the school that I had collected from former pupils and staff. The original and the 'whispered' version were then painted by each pupil on to board and these boards were displayed at ViewTube, the Olympic viewing platform overlooking the Olympic stadium during the summer of 2011.

When Whispers Become Rumours was a series of Newspaper Headlines spelt out with a set of Victorian letter press type (there used to be over 200 printers in Hackney Wick). Each headline was a 'rumour' concerning Hackney Wick.

Creating a further fiction about Hackney Wick I produced The Map Of The Underground Caves of Hackney Wick.

The Cut: Artworks

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