Shine The Light

Visiting the locations where these writers and artists created work in Margate, I summoned their creative spirits, honoured their creativity and asked their blessing on future creativity in Margate, the site of the soon to be opened Turner Contemporary Gallery.
SHINE THE LIGHT - T.S Eliot at the Harbour Slipway

Oh Thomas Stearns Eliot we summon your creative spirit!

Oh Thomas Stearns Eliot we honour your creativity!

Oh Thomas Stearns Eliot we ask you to hear us now!

We stand here looking across at the Nayland Rock Shelter, where you penned these lines from The Wasteland:

On Margate Sands. I can connect Nothing with nothing.

You came here to recover from a nervous breakdown, and returned to London a man at peace with himself, we ask you now to Shine Your Light upon the creative endeavours of those who live in Margate.

Cast Your Light into the darkness, illuminate the way forward !

Shine The Light: Artworks

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