Second Chance

>Second Hand Tales 

For the You Are Here Festival held in Nottingham (24 September to 3 of October 2004) I made a work titled Second Chance

Second Chance involved buying a wide range of objects from the Scope, Oxfam and Barnardos charity shops in Nottingham City Centre, and altering these in a variety of ways in my studio. Each object was then returned to the charity shop of origin and offered for sale at EXACTLY the same price that they were initially purchased for.

None of the objects were identified or labelled as an artwork, however, the shops were promoted as a festival venue containing art works.

Would anyone find and buy the artworks ?

Would someone buy what was imagined to be something that I had made, but was not ?

It was of course possible, that all or some of the artworks would never be bought or found.

While selecting the objects, I was told stories by staff about their experiences of working in charity shops. These stories were collected and the resultant Second Hand Tales was also included in the festival, displayed on a moving message board sign located at the Scope shop.

Second Chance: Artworks

>Second Hand Tales 

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