Royal Act

On the evening of the wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton in London - The Reverend Lehan Performed The Marriage Ceremony Of Prince William And Kate Middleton at Cabaret Voltaire.

At the beginning of the evening all members of the audience were asked to put on a mask of either Prince William or Kate Middleton.

The Ceremony

Ladies and Gentlemen welcome !

We are gathered here in this, the House of Dada, to join together Prince William and Kate Middleton.

With this in mind, will please all put on your masks and turn to face your marriage partner.

Prince William please say after me ~

I, Prince William / take Kate Middleton / to be my wife.

Kate Middleton, please say after me

I, Kate Middleton / take Prince William / to be my husband.

In the presence of:

Hugo Ball
Hans Arp
Marcel Janco
Tristan Tzara
Mrs Hennings
Mrs Leconte
Richard Huelsenbeck
Max Oppenheimer
Max Jacob
Jules Laforgue
Hans Richter

I now declare you married.


At the end of the evening a group wedding photograph was taken outside Cabaret Voltaire.

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