Ten How Much placards were included in Subliminal Seduction, an event organised by Another Roadside Attraction, held on 5 April 2008 along Oxford Street.

Standing on the corner of Oxford and Regent Street I held aloft - in the manner of people holding Golf Sale signs, and in the tradition of Sandwich Board men - signs which posed questions relating to consumerism, desire and love.

Responses to this action were varied.

In response to a sign that said How Much Will You Spend To Make Someone Love You a young man walking past with his girlfriend yelled 5.00!

One passer-by was very annoyed that there were no question marks at the end of each slogan, so that each was grammatically incorrect, and I had a long conversation with an Italian man who thought that no matter how much English people spent they could NEVER feel happy.

Another man said he felt very rich because he had such a loving wife.

During the afternoon police walked along Oxford Street, moving away a group of nearby protesters, but did not approach either myself, or other artists presenting their work.

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