HIAP Residency

Simplicity in All ... was inspired primarily by my bedroom at the artist-in-residence studios - bare walled, and narrow with just one window at one end, I was immediately taken with its simplicity, and made me think that my flat in London was overcrowded.

I was also reading about Charles Fourier, who proposed the complete re-organsiation of society - he also suggested that public fountains should dispense lemonade. The slogans of Simplicity in All ... perhaps fanciful are intended as doable proposals for a more simple, quieter life. From being initially written in a book, each slogan was written on small pieces of cardboard, and displayed along the exterior walls of the studio building.

HighChair was not a planned performance. I was taken with the metal ladder directly outside the studio, and wanted to tie a chair to it to see what that might look like, and possibly then, from a chair tied to a higher run on the ladder, to deliver a lecture, or draw portraits of passing tourists.

Another artist-in-residence, Veronica Spierenburg took photographs as I tested if the seat was strong, and secure enough for me to sit on - which it was not, hence the red safety cones I later placed marking the area as a health and safety hazard.

Using these safety led me to think about possible safety hazards on the island, hence the CAUTION work.

A fuller account of the time spent on the residency is at :

HIAP Residency: Artworks

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