Deviant Festival

The festival was held in association with Konsthallen, Trollhättan’s major visual arts organisation, who provided three major venues: the Museum of Contemporary Art, M.O.C.A.P. and the Pumphuset Gallery. However, with its strong emphasis on installation, performance, and site-specific works, the Festival’s main venue was Trollhättan itself.

My initial proposal to Frederick and Joanna was to exhibit a series of embroidered and stencilled advertisements for adult personal services, including Out Of This World, Unzip and Come and Hey Boy. However, given the nature of the festival I additionally wanted to create new works in Trollhattan.

I WANT was created by asking each artist participating in the festival to think about one thing they wanted, and to then create a slogan of this. I subsequently attached these slogans to the outside of a small house adjacent to the Pumphouse Gallery.

I also paraded a sandwich board through Trolhatten to promote the show, and handed out small cards printed withThank You to everyone I encountered in the various festival exhibition spaces.

Deviant Festival: Artworks

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