Davina and Daniel

Contested Ground

Was an event curated by students from Goldsmiths MFA Curating and Royal College of Art Curating Masters on the 17 and 18 January 2009 at the 176 Gallery in London. During the afternoons, Davina and Daniel enlisted the help of gallery visitors to produce CLAIM a set of Davina and Daniel flags, which were then tied to the front railings at the front of the building. Back in the gallery Stand Your Ground a series of Tug Of War Contests were held with people being asked to consider something that they would be prepared to fight for, a cause (political or personal, profound or light hearted). The winner of each contest wore a gold crown.

On the Saturday evening, a larger scale Tug Of War titled PULL was contested between students representing the two groups of students responsible for curating Contested Ground.

Eight Weeks Of Change

Davina and Daniel turned their attention to the phenomena of the self-help industry, and the methods it employs to help people feel happy, by transforming Space Station Sixty-Five into an alternative self-help centre. Over a period of eight weeks, Davina and Daniel provided a range of individual and group activities, presenting visitors with opportunities to participate in creative self-reflection, group conversations, and personal affirmations, with the Therapy Of The Day, Self Help Actions, or a One To One Consultation with Davina and Daniel.

Street Recipes

Invited people on the streets of Stoke Newington to share their favourite recipes with their neighbours, by writing these down on prepared paper. These recipes were then laminated and displayed on the streets of the local area. Davina and Daniel, in partnership with Campbell Works are planning to publish a book with all 200 recipes.

Service Wash Tales

Customers waiting for their laundry to wash and dry at Tumble Wash, were invited to tell a story or memory about an item of their clothes. The story or memory was then hand written by Daniel, washed in a bowl by Davina, thus blurring the text (and the memory), and finally given to the customer to take home along with their laundry.


Was a project with two groups of young people collaborating with Yara El–Sherbini, Nina Jan Beir, Marie Jan Lund, Abigail Hunt and Kieren Reed, to create two days of participatory interactions held at Cubitt gallery and studios and Studio Voltaire.

lonely heARTs

Was a date-specific evening of romantic interactions and dialogues held at Space Station Sixty-Five in South London on Valentines Day 2007. An advertisement was placed in a local newspaper inviting readers to text their ‘Would Like To Meet’ messages. These messages were subsequently digitally embroidered, and the texters invited to attend the event as well as the general public.

All those attending the event were invited to type Love Letters, decorate Love Cakes and write postcards to ‘advertise themselves’. During the evening, the postcards were displayed in the gallery window. On the one hand, were people who had described the person they would most like to meet, and on the other, there were people who had described themselves. At the end of the evening if texters hadn’t found their ideal partner, then they were each given their embroidered perfect match.

Davina and Daniel: Artworks

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