Daniel Knows

Daniel Knows was inspired by Sidney Knows, a Victorian Prediction Penny Slot Machine housed in The Rye Museum, Kent.

The Daniel Knows sign proclaims:

DANIEL KNOWS - HE KNOWS, HE DOES - My Mother Was A Traveller, A Famous Witch, Who Knew Her Demons Well. My Father Came From Wales, And Was The Nephew Of a Very Old Sorcerer. I Am Their Seventh Son.

Testimonials From Those Who Have Consulted Daniel:

I Am All A Quiver In Anticipation, Awaiting For His Prediction To Come True ... If Only a Morsel Of His Prediction Comes True, My Life Will Be Changed For Ever ... Its True, They Says He Knows, and He Does, He Truly Knows ... One Of The Foremost Predictors Of This, Or Of Any Age, Amazing !

Examples of The Predictions:

A neighbour asks you to lend a hand. This appears to be a chore, but remember, you might need their help some day! What do the initials ''A.B.'' mean to you?

Is it raining? If so, have you got an umbrella? If not, you now have to worry that you will get wet rather than being open to the wonderful opportunities that will present themselves to you today. If it is sunny, these opportunities will still present themselves, if they do not, ask your self exactly what kind of opportunities you would like to present themselves.

Daniel Knows: Artworks

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