Veronika and I discussed many ideas in the lead up to the performance. We decided to present these ideas as a CV of the show.

CoverUp CV

BOOK SWAP - An event to which people bring their unwanted books to the gallery, which they exchange for books they would like (from those donated by others). People line up to register their books, provide details of the books - titles, year of publication, rubber-stamping each book before joining the BOOK SWAP library. We mark these books, sign, draw in the books / read from the books ?

MOBILE LIBRARY - A mobile library (trolley like) taken / wheeled around Biel - people invited to take a book, exchanging it for an unwanted book of theirs.

READING CORNER - A quiet corner in the gallery where people can sit and read books - a QUIET PLEASE sign for this area ?

COLLAGE TABLE - People create work using books that we buy - we supply glue, scissors, paper etc – display work in the space ?

BOOK CLOTHES - Pascal had a religious vision that he recorded. This piece of writing was so important to him that he sewed it into the lining of his coat. Invite people to choose a favourite page or words from one of the books and sew / pin it on / inside their clothes.

BOOK ACTIVITIES – Burn / cook / destroy unwanted books brought to he gallery - these actions written on the wall. Document each altered book and show these as slide show. From Wednesday 27 May onwards we alternatively read one sentence each from the books, crumpling up the read pages and leaving these on the gallery floor. Stamp the pages of the books with potato stamps - display these pages on the gallery wall.

WORD SOUP - A soup consisting of individual words from books. The words are the ingredients of the soup. Cook the soup. Before each word goes into the soup, record on a wall, in a book ? The soup goes into cups that people can take away with them. We can also take some of the soup to Cabaret Voltaire and give out there / read out the list of words, ingredients to the audience.

KEEP FIT BOOKS - A gallery circuit with different aerobic book based exercises. Aerobic step up / step down on pile of books. After 1 or 2 minutes people rotate. We are the trainers and give participants support.

DEPORTMENT LESSONS - Visitors to the opening event will be invited to balance a book on their head, and to walk with this to demonstrate how good their posture is (and possibly implying how much of a ‘lady’ or ‘gentleman’ they are) - Record distances people walk before the book falls off.

WEIGHT IN BOOKS - How many books do people weigh / How much knowledge, How many words / stories do they weigh ?

THE UNWANTED LIBRARY - Books brought to the opening event (not those we buy second-hand) could form a separate library, which could be catalogued and displayed on a wall-mounted shelf ? Perhaps it is this collection of books that we mark some kind of stamp, or sign ?

BOOK MAZE - A maze of books - built on the opening evening.

CV OF THE SHOW - document ideas for the show, process of thinking about the show, accepted / rejected ideas / thoughts.

NEWSPAPERS - Make a maze of newspapers / Give out newspapers at the opening / Where do we get newspapers from / Performance of handing out the newspapers / Stand on pile of newspapers at gallery entrance ? Audience invited to do something with the newspaper without guidance (from us / Chri) saying what that might be. Will people do this / How to invite people / Say something when we hand out newspapers / Slogan in gallery ? Provide scissors, tape / A recorded invitation on a cassette machine that people listen to next to tower of masking tape ?

GUSTAV METZGER - 2009 Show at Serpentine Gallery, London - audience invited to cut out articles relating to the economic credit crunch from stacks of newspapers, and stick these on the gallery walls.

LOCAL NEWSPAPERS - ‘Bieler Tagblatt’. People participate in activity with the artists. Use newspapers to completely cover up inside of gallery. Will people participate ? Link / play with gallery / outside spaces ?

COVER UP - Artists cover up the gallery completely. Performance. Style of this ? Dress as workmen / dancers / what clothes / costumes / music ? Answer questions / remain silent ?

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