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A few entries from the diaries

1959, Wednesday, 4 March - Today the local chief presented my Dad with twenty-four chickens and the Talking Drums in the neighbouring village rowdily celebrated my birth.

1964, Saturday, 19 September - The shed at the back of the garden has gone. Its dark rotting wooden sides simply collapsed leaving the concrete floor bare. I used to enjoy squeezing myself between it and the back fence, the sour bindweed brushing against my face.

1967, Thursday, 24 August - I fell over today and cut my tongue on the lino in the bedroom. It didn't stop bleeding for ages and there was blood everywhere. Later, looking in the mirror, I could see it was just a tiny cut.

1967, Saturday, 1 September - There is another old Rocking Horse downstairs. The room smells of burning from when Dad uses the torch to take the old paint off. I am not allowed to ride the horse, but I really like touching its coarse black mane, and rocking the horse gently with my hand on its saddle.

1968, Tuesday, 14 May - I chased ZoŽ round and round the green jungle frame in the school playground. Everyone saw us.

Performing with me was the artist Chloe Cooper.

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