ChalkWalk was a series of personal memories about growing up in Margate, made for inclusion in the Margate Rocks Festival 2004.

Using chalks, each memory was written on the pavements immediately in front of 13 specific locations in Margate Old Town.

While writing the texts, I was stopped by curious various passers - by, who told me their stories. An elderly man said, that like me, he had once been a member of the local choir, and a woman (possibly in her late sixties) said that she and her daughter always came to Margate for their holidays and that her daughter was going to teach her how to ride a motorbike.

ChalkWalk 6 at Ye Olde Town Launderette -

Charlie Curran was an American boy who joined my class at St John's School in either the fourth or fifth year. He lived in this house with his mother, who I think was a dressmaker. He told me that one morning, he was woken by a huge lorry crashing into the side of the building. He would tell lurid stories about The Hell's Angels, which we believed because he was American, and because he seemed mature beyond his age. He was passionate about sailing boats and his ambition was to build and sail these around the world. A few times I went out sailing with him and once we were in a dingy that headed towards a huge ship. The dark hull of the ship loomed over us, and at the very last moment, he skilfully turned the boat around and headed back to shore.

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