Camberwell Arts Festival

During the Camberwell Arts Festival I presented Peripatetic Proverbs, participated in Rachael Houses's Peckham Pet-Tastic 3 with Dog Tails, and as Davina and Daniel, (see Davina and Daniel in the Projects section) presented Service Wash Tales and Gorilla In The Roses - two works commisioned by Camberwell Arts - Live Art Programme.

Peckham Pet - Tastic 3 was held on Saturday 23 June in Peckham Square. Dogs, their owners, dog lovers, curious passersby and live artists - Marcia Farquhar, WebsterGotts, Simon Ould Laura Wilson and myself - were invited by the artist Rachael House to attend her fancy dress picnic for dogs - the canine event of the year! I paraded Dog Tails, a sandwich board painted with dog stories that I had collected from newspapers during 2006, the Chinese Year of the Dog.

Peripatetic Proverbs was a work focusing on exploring interactions with the general public, a theme explored also with Kolley Kibber RIP and Art Recipe Haikus, and was inspired by the cards and leaflets handed to people on the streets of London. Those cards are usually either quite ordinary – mobile phone deals or pizza menus, or of an esoteric nature – religious tracts, and advertisements offering the services of psychic counsellors, or healers. The twelve proverbs, each one handprinted on a small card were akin to traditional proverbs, appearing to be ‘pearls of wisdom’ but were devised to be nonsensical and playful. Possibly worthy of contemplation, they revealed themselves as meaningless. I handed out the cards on the afternoon of 21 June on Camberwell Green from 2pm to 5pm.

The Proverbs

Unwise is the man who gathers courgettes at midnight

There’s only so many buttons you can sew on a mouse

A coat pocket in no place to curry pickles

Doors never close on swift waters

You cannot wrap a rainbow in a duvet

Uncouth is the man who hails a taxi in the fog

Never lend your teeth to a man with no toothbrush

An elephant is larger than an ant, but not always

Never ask a drunk for pepper

Happiness is making a curry hotter

When The Cow proposes to The Horse, The Sheep will offer to be Best Man

Sundays never itch

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