BIRDOCRACY, a collaboration with Steve Johnson, took place at the Museum of Domestic Design and Architecture at Middlesex University on 17 May following the General Election held in 2005.

During the Private View and for the duration of the show, viewers were encouraged to vote for one of these candidates:

The Blue Tit, Coot, Robin, Ruddy Duck, Swallow or Wren.

A Polling Station and Bird Voting Box were installed, and votes were recorded on a weekly basis then added to a running total, dutifully monitored by The Returning Officer - A White Owl.

There was, unfortunately, an outbreak of Negative Campaigning, which took the form of a series of placards berating and belittling each feathered candidate.

After a vigorous campaign, The Robin was declared the eventual winner and delivered a moving Victory Speech, while The Wren bereft at finishing last, resigned as leader of his party.

A book containing a CD of images of BIRDOCRACY formed part of A.A.A.B.A.M. in America, included in The Bayennale Festival of Contemporary Art, San Francisco, 2005.

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