Art Recipe Haikus

Each of the twelve Art Recipe Haikus were handprinted (using a rubber stamp style printing kit) on small cards and were handed out to people who encountered Pique Nique, as Cipriano travelled with Cart Blanche in and around Coniston.

Each haiku was an invitation to participate in a creative act, and were devised knowing that Pique Nique would be experienced in an outdoor setting.

The captain of the Coniston Lake Ferry was himself inspired to write a poem in response to the haikus.

The Art Recipe Haikus

You have Cart Blanche to
Indulge a creative act
White box on two wheels

By hook or by crook
Ask the next person you meet
To tell you a lie

Make a line of stones
Each stone paler than the last
A path here to there

Invent a new word
To describe the moment when
You have read this text

Not now, but later
Remember being here now
And asked to do this

Find four sticks to make
Eyes firmly shut, no peeking
A square on the ground

Gaze at the water
Gaze at the water, once more
In your room tonight

Sunny Bank, Low Wood
Count all your many blessings
Whoever you are

That bird in the tree
Unseen, but you know its there
Replicate its song

Count each step you take
Measuring your breath slowly
Following the path

Empty your pockets
Keys, your loose change in a heap
Blue skies overhead

Not now, but later
Gather and scatter the seeds
You collect walking

Art Recipe Haikus: Artworks

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