50 NOT OUT! was a Second Thursday event, curated monthly by Frog Morris at The Montague Arms, New Cross, London.

I asked the artists and performers not to tell me how they were intending to interpret my work, thus keeping the evening a 'surprise' for me.

Here is a full list of the performers and their work:

Daren Callow - www.darencallow.co.uk
HYMNS based on Hymns, a series of texts for I & Me Too written on the gallery floor of Studio Voltaire, London (2007)

Lee Campbell - www.leecampbellartist.blogspot.com
MAKING UP STORIES based on various slogans stenciled on boards

Chloe Cooper
THANK YOU based on Thank You performed at The Deviant Festival, Trollhättan, Sweden (2007)

Davina Drummond - www.davinadrummond.co.uk
BIRTHDAY PLEDGE based on The Pledge included in Stone Cold Sober, Camberwell Arts Festival, London (2008). Presented by Sinead McCarthy and Daniel Walton

Calum F. Kerr BOAST (REVISED 50th Edition) based on Boast, a Sandwich Board performance commissioned by Wiebke Morgan Gallery, London (2007)

Patrick Lyons - www.ph7radio.com
BIRTHDAY HAIKUS based on an Art Recipe Haiku, February (2009)

Frog Morris - www.frogmorris.net
ART RECIPE HAIKUS based on Art Recipe Haikus included in Carte Blanche, a mobile gallery curated by Lucia Cipriano FRED Festival (2006)

Nicholas Morgan - www.wiebkemorgan.com
OBITUARY based on Obituary, a Sandwich Board performance included in Suburbia, The Foreign Press Association, London (2008)

Wiebke Morgan - www.wiebkemorgan.com
I WANT based on I Want, a work constructed with artists participating in The Deviant Festival, Trollhättan, Sweden (2007)

Vivienne Soane
I’M DOING WHAT YOU DID – A FELLOW DIARISTS COMPLIMENT, based on Readings From A Child Hood Diary performed at Old Chaps, The Montague Arms, London (2008)

Laura Wilson - www.laurawilson.me
UNDER THE MAT based on Daniel Knows included in House About That!, London (2007)

Charlotte Young
DANIEL LEHAN RUINED MY LIFE based on Kolly Kibber RIP a roving performance, Bow Festival (2005) and Whitstable Biennale (2006)

50 NOT OUT!: Artworks

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