The Kitchen Window GalleryThe Kitchen Window Gallery opened
on 1 June 2014 and is located in a kitchen window of a flat in South London. Work is shown monthly, and following the opening,
the gallery is viewable from the balcony running outside the flat.

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A3 MagazineA3 a monthly black and white poster publication has now ceased. Since April 2009 A3 presented the work of a large number and variety of artists and writers.
Their work, whether text or image, was hand written / drawn out by myself, establishing a unified, and intimate style
to the publication.

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artists, musicians, performers and poets, adopt a style reminiscent of roving troubadours and travelling minstrels.
As Lord Lehan I act as Circus Master introducing the performances of this fine collection of performers, as well as performing my poetry and songs.

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Each Day A DrawingEach Day A Drawing - was a blog that I kept whilst living in Quebec
from April 2013 to April 2014.
Each day for one year, I posted a new
drawing, or collage, and drawings
made with handwritten, or typed texts.

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NighTalesNightTales was produced during
 Nuit Blanche, a night of performances, events and exhibitions held in the City 
of Ottawa starting at sunset on September 
22nd, and ending at sunrise September 23rd 2012.

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It Happened HereIt Happened Here was a work commissioned by the South London
Gallery as part of - Play Spots - a long
term project managed by the gallery,
with artists working with residents of
the Sceaux Estate, in Camberwell,

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The CutThe Cut was a project commissioned by SPACE - to create new works in response
to stories and memories collected by oral historians from people who live / work in The Cut, an area of Hackney Wick, London directly facing the Olympic site.

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Teaching Your GrandmotherTeaching Your Grandmother How To Suck Eggs was a work devised for The School of Chutney, which took place on Camberwell Green on 15 June 2011

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Royal ActThe Royal Act was an evening of English Dada held at Cabaret Voltaire, Zurich
on 29 May 2011.
The evening was curated by Alice McCabe and featured performances also by Charlie Fox, Frog Morris and Mr Solo.

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CoverUpCover-Up was a performance work of 6 hours duration with Swiss artist Veronika Spierenburg at Lokal-Int, Biel,
Having asked the local newspaper to reserve copies of all undistributed newspapers for the previous month, we covered the entire gallery space during the evening of April 28 2011 using these newspapers.

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Daniel SaysIncluded in the exhibition Above
The Serious - Daniel Says were
a set of instructions inspired by
reading in Stoke Newington library
that: Daniel Defoe lived in Stoke
Newington for many years as part
of the area's large Non Conformist community . . . he had financial
problems for most of his life, with
failed business ventures to his name -
including a farm breeding civet cats
in Stoke Newington.

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Daniel Lehan FearsDaniel Lehan Fears . . . Talking about
this show and his work for it has
shortened Daniel Lehanís life. To
discuss the artists yet to install
their work in this space would be sheer folly, as this will hasten his death. . .

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Lines of DesireSigns of Desire was held at Oriel
Davies Gallery, Newtown, from
28 August to 3 November 2010 and
explored journeys, maps and routes; borders, timelines, song lines, narratives and story lines.

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Things To DoThings To Do To Make Your Day
Better As You Walk Past These Hoardings
was commissioned by
the South London Gallery, following
an Artist Residency at the Charlie
Chaplin Adventure Playground in
South London.

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Davina and DanielDavina and Daniel is a
collaboration with Davina Drummond.

Formed in September 2006, Davina and Daniel have presented work at Space Station Sixty-Five, Camberwell Festival,
and Campbell Works. lonely heARTS, a Valentine Days event, was selected for
the Kaunas Biennale, Lithuania.

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Charlie ChaplinFrom October to December 2009
I was 
Artist in Residence at the
Charlie Chaplin Adventure Play-
in South London as part of
a project run by the South 
Gallery exploring the relationship
between play and contemporary arts

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DO THIS!DO THIS were a series of site-specific instructions to perform actions devised
for the exhibition At Play curated by Outi Remes and Cally Trench at South Hill
Park. The instructions were located inside and outside the arts centre building.

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Shine The LightShine The Light was a work devised for
the Dead Season Live Art festival held in Margate, Kent during February / March 2010. Shine The Light commemorated the presence of notable writers and artists
in Margate including John Betjamin, T.S. Eliot, John Keats, and William Turner.

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This Happy BandFor The Nunhead Festival, 18 to 27 September 2009 I devised THIS HAPPY BAND, a collection of Artists, Musicians,
Poets, and Wordsmiths, who performed
troubadour fashion, at pubs, in the
community centre, and on Nunhead Green.

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HIAP ResidencyDavina and Daniel were invited by
HIAP - Helsinki International Artist In Residence Programme - to create work
at the island of Suomenlinna, a ferry
ride from central Helsinki. Some of the works I made during the residency are included here. Davina and Daniel works
are included in the Davina and Daniel section above. Whilst in Finland I kept a blog that fully documents the residency:

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HatsHats was a work included in One
Sandwich Short of a Picnic - a Baby BonkersFest event (a smaller version
of the annual Bonkersfest) which was
held on Sunday 26 July in Southwark
Park, London.

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The Thing We DoThe Thing We Do On The Day Unites
was a commissioned work from East
Street Arts, as part of their collection of
creative happenings which took place in Leeds during May and June 2009. The title of the work resulted from DEMO, a
workshop that explored the question
"What Unites Artists?"

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Your Art HereYour Art Here was a participatory work devised for the Camberwell Festival, and took place from 1pm to 6pm on 21 June 2009. Through posters displayed in the windows of local shops, emails to local schools, adult education classes, and
local artists, and by word of mouth,
people were invited to display their artworks on the railings around
Camberwell Green. Participants received
a Certificate of Merit to mark their
participation and a catalogue
documenting the event.

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Daniel KnowsDaniel Knows was included in the
Big Event - curated by Home Live Art - which took place at Myatt's Fields Park, Camberwell on 20 June 2009. Daniel Knows are pre-written predictions
each one placed in an envelope. Through
a process of selection, those who consult Daniel, are left with one envelope, which contains their prediction.

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The Role Of The Village IdiotThe Role Of The Village Idiot - an afternoon of performance organised by Mark McGowan, took place on Saturday
28th March 2009. The event is based on ideas and suggestions by the artist and writer Paul O'Kane concerning the question of a necessary expulsion that may lie at the heart of the formation of any community. Mark McGowan

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50 NOT OUT!50 NOT OUT! was a retrospective of
my work held at The Montague Arms,
New Cross, London on the 12 March 2009, to celebrate my fiftieth birthday. Invited artists were each given a work of mine
and asked to interpret and re-present
it in their own fashion. The evening concluded with a lecture titled: What
I Have Learnt From 50 Years On
This Planet.

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ScrapBookTalesScrapBookTales was performed at The Montague Arms, as part of the monthly Second Thursday events, curated by Poet and Performer Frog Morris.

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WILFWILF was presented at Wiebke Morgan
as part of Puppenspielerei - a day of
artists' approaches to the puppet show which also included Calum F. Kerr, Julia Moore, Nicholas Morgan, and Wiebke Morgan. WILF was a ventriloquist act between The Reverend Phillips, and his puppet WILF.

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A Nod To Guy FawkesA Nod To Guy Fawkes was performed
with Charlotte Young during
Micro-performance; an experimental performance structure developed by Rebecca Birch, held at The Montague
Arms, on 13 November 2008, as part
of the monthly Second Thursday Live Art
events curated by Frog Morris.

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Free ArtFree Art From The Prison Of Your Mind was a performance that took place at the closing of Jasper Joffe's FREE ART FAIR
(19 October) when those who had waited
in line (some for several days) were able
to claim a Free Art Work, including works by Matthew Collings, Sacha Craddock, Sayshun Jay, Jasper Joffe, Peter Lamb, Cathy Lomax, Bruce McLean, Bob &
Roberta Smith, Gavin Turk, and
Stella Vine.

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Art 4 NowtArt 4 Nowt was included in a series of performances curated by Campbell and Morris Projects for the opening night of Jasper Joffe's Free Art Fair held in London from the 13 to 19 October 2008.

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The Soul Is A Dark PlaceThe Soul Is A Dark Place was an
invitation to those attending Scene In
The Making on 2 and 3 October 2008 - an event curated by Campbell and Morris Projects, as part of the Concrete and Glass Festival - to record their darkest thought.

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BINGOBINGO - curated with Lorna Giezot - was staged during the evening of 20 September, at The Old Nunís Head public house in South London, as part of the Nunhead Arts Festival.

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audience ACTSaudience ACTS was a work made on the evening of 14 August 2008, as part of Stage Struck, an event curated by Lee Campbell
at Southwark Playhouse, during which artists devised works in response to the performance of Moll Flanders.

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The Public ACTSThe Public ACTS a site-specific work commissioned by the newly opened The Public gallery, invited visitors to The
Public, during 26 and 27 July, and 9 and
10 August 2008 - to explore the building
by performing a prescribed action, witnessed, and documented by myself.

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CONSUME PeckhamSee & Collect, a collaboration with Miranda Peake, and Michelle Masters was made for Consume Peckham, a programme of activities and events in unusual locations in and around Peckham, curated by Kieron Dennis.

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BonkersFestBonkersFest is an annual event that celebrates madness, creativity and individuality.

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Take The PledgeTake The Pledge formed part of Stone Cold Sober Evening, an evening that celebrated sobriety, curated by Calum
F. Kerr for The Camberwell Festival.
Patrons of The Hermits Cave in
Camberwell were invited to Take
The Pledge
and, once they agreed,
'lucky dipped' (from a beer glass) the
name of a well known hell-raiser, who
would support them in their pledge.

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Walk HEREWalk HERE was a guided walk around Camberwell on 15 June 2008 - a companion work to HERE (see below). During the walk Daniel Lehan, in the guise of Mobheg Rich, local cultural historian, recounted little known histories regarding the visits of famous artists and writers to Camberwell.

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HEREHERE was a collection of twelve yellow 'heritage' plaques - installed in the windows of shops and businesses, commissioned by the Camberwell Arts Festival 2008 - to record the fictional visits of famous artists and writers to Camberwell.

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Child Hood Diary PagesReadings From A Child Hood Diary (Part 1) was included in Second Thursdays - a monthly event curated by Frog Morris at
The Montague Arms, New Cross Gate, in South London (12 June 2008). The diary pages are actual events from my childhood.

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HOW MUCHTen How Much placards were included in Subliminal Seduction, an event organised by Another Roadside Attraction, held on 5 April along Oxford Street.

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ObituaryObituary is my self-penned obituary.
According to information that I recently provided to a website, I am over half way thru my life span, this caused much self reflection. The obituary contains elements of truth and fiction, and, naturally, an invented future.

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We Are ShadowsWe Are Shadows was made for The Curse of Me, a live art event curated by Lee Campbell, with performances by Calum F. Kerr, Adrian Lee, and Caroline De Lannoy (amongst others) held on 20 November 2007, at The Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London.

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BOASTBOAST was commissioned by Wiebke Morgan, London, as part of their inclusion
in the First Thursday in the Month Programme. BOAST was both a retrospective of my Sandwich Boards,
and a Sandwich Board Performance (4 October 2007), which comprised of
parading the board through Bethnal Green, stopping along the way to visit private views at other galleries.

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Deviant Festival
The Deviant Art Festival held in
Trolhatten, Sweden from 14 to 28 July
2007, was curated by Fredrik Lindberg
and Joanna Ageborn.

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Camberwell Arts FestivalCamberwell Arts Festival (2007) took place in and around Camberwell in South London, from 16 to 24 June.

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Art Recipe HaikusArt Recipe Haikus were invitations to make an artwork written in the form of a haiku for Pique Nique, a collection of works curated for Cart Blanche, Lucia Cipriano's mobile gallery, which was participating in FRED, held in Cumbria in October 2006.

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Teri King PredictsTeri King Predicts During 2005 I kept a daily diary with the sole intention of exploring how accurate the daily astrological predictions made for Pisces
my star sign, were.

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HIDEHIDE uses a digital message board,
placed in public spaces, to transmit observations and overheard
conversations. HIDE was included in Sideshow, held in Nottingham, 2006.

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Kolley Kibber RIPKolley Kibber RIP was a work commissioned by SPACE Public Arts
Projects for inclusion in the Roman Roadparty held on Roman Rd, Bow,
London on 31 July 2005.

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BIRDOCRACYBIRDOCRACY, a collaboration with Steve Johnson, took place at the Museum of Domestic Design and Architecture at Middlesex University on 17 May following the General Election held in 2005.

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Second ChanceSecond Chance was made for the You
Are Here Festival held in Nottingham (24 September to 3 October 2004). Second Chance involved buying a wide range of objects from the Scope, Oxfam and Barnardos charity shops in Nottingham City Centre, and altering these in a variety of ways in my studio.

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ChalkWalk was a series of personal memories about growing up in Margate, made for inclusion in the Margate Rocks Festival 2004. Using chalks, each memory was written on the pavements immediately
in front of 13 specific locations in Margate
Old Town.

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