Young Hitch In Forbidden Flames
Jude Cowan Montague (artist, writer, composer, poet) will be launching her novella Young Hitch In Forbidden Flames as part of a Talking Rhythm poetry evening - I will be performing and interviewing Jude.
22nd to 22nd February, 2017
The Prince of Greenwich

Le Coq Artistes
I will inviting visitors to decorate orange - Trump face - ballots to celebrate the Chinese New Year - in a show curated by Jude Cowan and Matt Armstrong.
29th January to 5th February, 2017
Q Park, 39 - 41 Whitcomb Street


Wisdom Bottoms Book Reading
Readings by Peter J King - Adding Colours To The Chameleon, Jude Cowan Montague - The Wires 2012, and myself - The Morning Glories - at the splendid Montague Armstrong gallery and workshop.
17th December, 2016
Montague Armstrong
St Leonards - On - Sea

Action Pulpeuse - 5
Playful and provocative performances touching on language, power & the body. I will be performing I Am A Square a sound text piece comprising words, poems and songs performed on a battery powered Alphabet Machine.
4th October, 2016
New Arts Projects

Bermondsey Fok Festival
Along with Daren Callow, Charlie Savigar, Joanne McCormick, Sarah Sparkes and Frog Morris - Lord Lehan presents Hook A Duck - with prizes to be won !
10th September, 2016
Bermondsey Square

The Morning Glories
The launch of Wisdom Bottoms Press with books by Peter J King - Adding Colours To The Chameleon, Jude Cowan Montague - The Wires 2012, and my The Morning Glories written in Manor Park, Gatineau and New Cross.
12th August, 2016
The Poetry Society

The Library At Night
An evening of readings and performances by students from the Black British Writing MA, LitLive, Literary Kitchen, Lendl Barcelos and myself.
23rd April, 2016
Goldsmiths University Library

Action Pulpeuse 3
The radioactive zone where performance, music & live art kiss & make up. I will be performing a variety of animated texts including The Barbers, Ant Words, Twins and When She Is Gone.
16th March, 2016
The Betsey Trotwood

Art Convertors
My - I Was Van Gogh In A Former Life - a small stencilled work on wood is included in this fund raiser show for the gallery.
5th to 28th February, 2016
Studio 1.1 Gallery


Peckham Open - 15
Beautiful Wails - a collage from the Animallage Series is included in this annual open exhibition.
27th November to 20th December, 2015
Peckham Platform

The British Wives of Aliens
This show of collages was inspired by a headline found in a 1940s newspaper - The British Wives of Aliens. The shop window will be taken over by Aliens who have met their perfect partner.
7th November to 4th December, 2015

Art-Speak: A Glossary
The launch of Art-Speak a publication exploring terms used in art language. Contributors include Oreet Ashery, Franko B, Dave Beech, Marcia Farquhar, Ryan Gander, Anthony Schrag, and myself. This Happy Band will be performing during the evening.
21st October, 2015
South London Gallery

Summer Salon
My collage ~ Cooking It In Your Cell ~ which reveals three facts about being in prison - left chicken thighs, exploding tea whitener and how to make an omelette is included in this show.
14th August to 5th September, 2015
Angus Hughes Gallery

Cafe Gallery Open 31
I have three collages in this open - Looking For Food - Driving Under - and - Gutteral Cries - Artists also exhibiting include Charlie Fox, Mikey Georgeson, and Caroline Gregory.
8th to 23rd August, 2015
Cafe Gallery

Animallages - Performance
Jude Cowan Montague and I will be performing at the Poetry Cafe in covent garden at the opening of our show Animallages - with songs, stories and poems. Opening from 6.30 to 9.00pm.
20th July, 2015
The Poetry Society

It Wasnt My Fault
A METRO Nightmare of mine is included in Its Not My Fault, a publication of 10 new prose commissions exploring the idea of looking towards an impending dystopian future, distributed across Annuale festival venues in Edinburgh.
12th to 28th June, 2015
Embassy Gallery

The New Concrete
The launch of this publication, in which I am included, will take place from 2 to 6pm and will feature performances by contributors. See the link below for further details of The New Concrete.
25th July, 2015
The Whitechapel Gallery

A joint exhibition with fellow artist-poet Jude Cowan Montague at the Poetry Café. Taking poetry and animals as the theme, we present a new visual construction - the animallage - influenced by Surrealism, Kenneth Patchen and Bruno Schultz.
29th June to 15th August, 2015
The Poetry Society

DEN - City 1
A temporary utopian city of installations, dens and assemblages will be mushrooming on a prime piece of land by the Olympic site. I will be performing my poetry on the 26 June sometime between 6 + 9pm.
26th to 29th June, 2015
Hackney Wick

The Kitchen Window Gallery - THE LAST SHOW
THE LAST SHOW celebrates the year anniversary of The Kitchen Window Gallery and will also be the last show at the gallery. Performances of CAKE SMASH by Jo McCormick, and SHOW ME, SHOWING YOU, THE SHOW IN by Charlie Fox, and Mikey Georgeson.
31st May to 26th June, 2015
The Kitchen Window Gallery

As well as exhibiting his burnt paper plates in the gallery, Steve Rushton will read from his recently published collection BURNING A PAPER PLATE - TOWARDS A NEW ART, his first chapbook.
26th April to 29th May, 2015
The Kitchen Window Gallery

World Book Night
Goldsmiths University are hosting readings by authors and poets from 9pm to 6am. I am scheduled to read at 3.15 am. Readers also include Blake Morrison and A L Kennedy. Those that stay for the entire duration are offered a free breakfast.
23rd April, 2015
Goldsmiths University Library

The Kitchen Window Gallery - A DLROW FOR EHT TAKING
In A DLROW FOR EHT TAKING Nicole Polonsky offers a site-specific installation which responds to the domestic window as a liminal arena in which the private and public realms meet. This work presents a narrative that mines Nicoles past.
29th March to 24th April, 2015
The Kitchen Window Gallery

The Kitchen Window Gallery - Foxs Window 11.3.11
Miyuki Kasaharas show is an adaption of Foxs Window (written by Naoko Awa) Miyukis story telling performance she first created in 2011 in response to the Tohoku Tsunami disaster in Japan.
1st to 27th March, 2015
The Kitchen Window Gallery

The Kitchen Window Gallery - Window Poems
Poets including Jazzman Clarke, Peter Evans, Charlie Fox, Louise Hart, Julian van Hauson, Anna Khan, Jude Montague, Marie- Pascale Hardy, Steve Rushton, Ted Smith-Orr, and The Vessel exhibit visual poems.
25th January to 27th February, 2015
The Kitchen Window Gallery

Surrinema Party
An fundraising event to celebrate the publication of Surrinema - the latest by Dark windows Presswith performances by Jude Cc Montague, Stephen Kirin, Eze Chimalio, Robbie Judkins, Three Drum One, myself, and The Particide Orchestra and Choir.
17th January, 2015
The Gunners, Islington

The News Agent
Jude C Montague will be interviewing me about my recent METRO newspaper collages. We will also be making collages during the programme with newspapers I will be taking in.
10th January, 2015
Resonance Radio

The Kitchen Window Gallery - The Morris Family Gin Palace
For their show at the gallery, the Morris Family have created a pub sign with left -over sweet wrappers from the end of year festivities. Frog Morris will be brewing a beer -to be served at the next opening at the gallery.
4th to 23rd January, 2015
The Kitchen Window Gallery


Artist Audio Recorder Closing Event
As part of this event to celebrate the work of Ntiense Eno Amooquaye I am performing a SIGN POEM based on her work and introducing her artist book.
25th November, 2014
Saison Poetry Library
Royal Festival Hall, London

The Kitchen Window Gallery - FEAST
The first group show at the gallery with sculpture, prints, collage and paintings by Jessie Brennan, Daren Callow, Frog Morris, Susan Plover, Nicole Polonsky, Veronika Spierenburg, and Jacqueline Utley.
30th November, 2014 to 2nd January, 2015
The Kitchen Window Gallery

By Jude C Montague. Improvising musicians and artists explore international stories. From yoga grannies to airport bees, goldfish races to parrot showbiz. I will be - The Interpreter - creating signs commentating on this unfolding world of news.
8th November, 2014
St John on Bethnal Green

The Kitchen Window Gallery - Daren Callow v Nazi Robots
A story begun as a child synthesized with his growing obsession with Star Wars and World War Two, results in a saga that has continued ever since. Opening 2 > 5pm - tea and cake will be served. After the opening the work is viewable 24/7.
26th October to 28th November, 2014
The Kitchen Window Gallery

The Kitchen Window Gallery - Caroline Gregory
Wish I Was Here is a site specific work made for the gallery by Gregory that reflects on a housewifes’s ambivalence. She has reached a trance like shadowy state where she is neither here nor there.
28th September to 24th October, 2014
The Kitchen Window Gallery

Nunhead Festival (10) This Happy Band
Return to the Festival where they first ever performed. The Happy band are Myself, Frog Morris, Daren Callow, Tim Flitcroft, Elaine Arkell, Charlie Fox, Mikey Georgeson, and Calum F. Kerr who made the video linked below.
21st September, 2014

Nunhead Open (10) Artworks
Included in the Open is a Lucky Dip paper bag with nine small text collages, each prized £2.00. And eight of my UnSigns - highlighting the Nunhead Library - are located around Nunhead Green.
19th to 21st September, 2014

Nunhead Open (10) Commission
To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Open I have been commissioned to design a commemorative cup and t-towel, both of which are for sale during the event.
19th to 21st September, 2014

The Kitchen Window Gallery - Chris Simonite
Face Dances, by the Canadian Chris Simonite features watercolour self-portraits that reflect aspects of the artist’s personality. Following the opening, the exhibition is viewable from the public balcony running outside the flat 24/7.
7th to 26th September, 2014
The Kitchen Window Gallery

Mottingham Sculpture Park
Poet, performer and artist Jude Cowan Montague hosts the first of what she hopes will be an annual event in her garden. I will be showing papier mache sculptures from 1993 - which have never been exhibited before.
6th September, 2014

The Kitchen Window Gallery - Josée Dubeau
Kitchen Obscura by Josée Dubeau opens on 27 July from 2 to 4pm. Tea and cake will be served. Following the opening, the exhibition is viewable from the public balcony running outside the flat until 29 August 2014. See blog for map.
27th July to 29th August, 2014
The Kitchen Window Gallery

Poets Anonymous
I will be reading my stories and poems as part of the Poets Anonymous poetry program from 2pm to 3pm on Radio Croydon. Steve Rushton, also a visual artist and poet will be reading his work also.
3rd August, 2014
Radio Croydon

BAG Exchange Festival
Included in this festival are images of the first two shows (Charlie Fox, Jude Cowan Montague) at The Kitchen Window Gallery - located in the window of a flat in South London.
22nd June to 12th July, 2014
Various, around Southwark

The Kitchen Window Gallery - Jude Cowan Montague
Experimental Ceramics by Jude Cowan Montague opens on 29 June from 3 to 5pm. Tea and cake will be served. See blog for map. Following the opening, the exhibition is viewable from the public balcony running outside the flat until 25 July.
29th June to 25th July, 2014
The Kitchen Window Gallery

A performance at the Royal Academy Midsummer Fete during which I will be creating anagrams from the titles of people\'s favourite works. Performances curated by Frog Morris, featuring Calum F. Kerr, Jo McCormick and Frog Morris.
21st June, 2014
The Royal Academy

An East End Artist Once Stood Here . . .
A walking tour with myself and Colin Priest identifying and exploring the locations painted by members of the East London Group. Meet at Mile End underground station at 1.45pm
21st June, 2014
Bow Neighbourhood

The Kitchen Window Gallery - Charlie Fox
Opens with The Magic Of The Public Notice - an installation of anti-signs by Charlie Fox on 1 June from 2 to 4pm. Work will be shown monthly, and following each opening, the work is viewable from the public balcony running outside the flat.
1st to 27th June, 2014
The Kitchen Window Gallery

The Return Of Lord Lehan
An evening curated by Jude Montague Cowan to welcome Lord Lehan back to London with The Clermont Set, CRUSH, Calum F. Kerr, Frog Morris and Daren Callow, The Jude Cowan Montague Band, Dare To Be Charlie and Paul Wady.
3rd May, 2014
Ryans Bar
Stoke Newington


I Am Not An Artist
An exhibition of work made during the past few months. Drawings, and prints on paper found in secondhand shops and on wooden boards. At the opening I will be performing new songs written with Chris Simonite on guitar, and Andree Prefontaine.
27th to 30th November, 2013
Hull, Quebec

Marchand de Reves
During the night of Nuit Blanche - an event running during the entire night - in Ottawa, and Hull, (Quebec) - I will be offering people a dream dreamt by a British, Canadian artist.
21st September, 2013
Ottawa City and Hull, Quebec

Poetry & Paint
Exhibition from 3pm and performance event at 7pm. I have four artworks in the exhibition and am performing a twenty minute poetry set in the evening along with Selina Nwulu, Great Healy, Robyn Comfort and Bill Vine.
30th March, 2013
Craft Central

Book Launch
Launch of my book - Publication of Cahier de catéchèse - and of - The Groodoyals of Terre Rouge - by Jude Cowan Montague - published by Dark Windows Press at Full Stop - spoken word, music and live drawing.
24th March, 2013
Full Stop

Publication of Cahier de catéchèse
Publication of my drawings - by Dark Windows Press - made whilst living in Quebec during 2012. The drawings were made in exercise books that I later found out were known as Cahier de catéchèse - used in schools for religious instruction.
4th March, 2013
ISBN-13: 978-0-9571644-7-5
£6.95 including free shipping


The Delinquent
Four of my texts are include in issue 19 of this poetry magazine. Poems by Lucy Winrow, Nicholas Francis, Charles Pitter.
28th December, 2012
Subscription 3 issues / £12.00 available
from 92 Elm Rd, Kingston, Surrey

If These Walls Could Speak
Is a reconstruction of textual narratives that I collected from people who have stories of this particular building. The hand painted texts - on boards - are displayed over the board up windows of the building.
28th December, 2012 to 4th February, 2013
205 Rue Montcalm
Gatineau, Quebec

Wave of Art
My text work - Causes Of Friction Between Couples - is included in this group exhibition. 50% of all sales to help fund the running of this gallery.
9th to 15th December, 2012
Centre D Exposition L Imagier
Gatineau, Quebec

My text work - They Spent The Whole Day Making Xs for the Aliens to Land - is included in this annual fund raising event for the Saw Gallery.
30th November to 14th December, 2012
Saw Gallery
Ottawa, Canada

Midnight Poutine
Midnight Poutine - Andree Prefontaine (Cello) and Christopher Varady-Szabo (Trumpet) and myself (Spoken Word) will perform during the evening of Artists Doing Artists.
29th November, 2012
Le Temporaire
Gatineau, Quebec!__site

Artists Doing Artists
An evening of performance during which Guillaume Boudrias-Plouffe, Veronique Guitard, Chris Simonite and myself will interpret each others works.
29th November, 2012
Le Temporaire
Gatineau, Quebec!__site

Axeneo7 Residency, Quebec
I will be collecting stories about a building from locals, artists (the building was a former artist space), former employees (it was also an industrial building), and writing these texts on boards decorating the entire building.
26th October to 13th November, 2012

Gatineau, Quebec

Ottawas first all-night arts and culture extravaganza, with the theme of Life is Beautiful. For this I will be asking people to tell me a story about The Night, writing these up, and displaying these around the city.
22nd September, 2012
Ottawa City

Nunhead Open 9
Included in this Open will be texts on four postcards I have mailed from Quebec, Canada - Famous Canadians, Colour Chart, Directions and Dummy.
7th to 9th September, 2012
The Old Nunhead Community Centre, Nunhead

The Austerity Olympics
I will be presenting The Austerity Olympics - Individual, team, field, and track events held indoors and outdoors, conditioned by the lack of funding and resources available to stage The Austerity Olympics. Turn up on the day to participate.
20th May, 2012
Pump House Gallery, Battersea

Spoonful of Poison
I will be performing with poet and musician Jude Cowan, and also performing an Open Mike Poetry slot.
14th May, 2012
The Star Of Kings, Kings Cross

Survivors Poetry
I will be performing with poet and musician Jude Cowan creating improvised CARDBOARD POEMS based on her sung poems.
10th May, 2012
The Poetry Cafe, Covent Garden

Spoonful of Poison
I will be performing with poet and musician Jude Cowan creating improvised CARDBOARD POEMS based on her sung poems.
7th May, 2012
The Stags Head, Hoxton

I will be performing with poet and musician Jude Cowan creating improvised CARDBOARD POEMS based on her - takes on the week - converting news from Reuters to music and voice.
27th April, 2012
The King and Queen, Fitzrovia

Poetry Platform
An evening of performances / readings by writers and poets. I will be performing poems using toys, and a suitcase of objects.
19th April, 2012
Netil House, Hackney

Whats In The Bag ?
An evening of performances curated by Frog Morris and Joe Woolley, with Amy Wright, Jack Gardener, Mark Quinn, and myself.
13th March, 2012
The Constitution in Camden

A Commonnist Gallery event inviting posters, films, discussion and performances responding to the current political economic, social and psychic circumstances, with Andrew Cooper, Dean Kenning, Charlie Fox, myself, and others.
3rd March, 2012
The Underground

Anonymous texts based on daily conversations, installed and left in site-specific locations, to be encountered by the public.
25th February, 2012

Edgar Allan Poe Evening
An evening of performances based around the work and life of Edgar Allan Poe with Paul Wady, Frog Morris, Joe Woolley, Joanna McCormick and myself.
31st January, 2012
The Constitution in Camden


Anonymous texts based on daily conversations, installed and left in site-specific locations, to be encountered by the public.
14th November, 2011
Ottawa City

The Nunhead Open
My text works ~ All On One Page, Lord Lehan - King Of Potato Merchants, and a selection of Cardboard Poems, are included in this annual show.
9th to 12th September, 2011
The Old Nursery

Mermaid Song And Lustrous Balm
An evening of nautical based performances. With Daren Calow and Joanna McCormick I will be performing Mermaids Sing, Plenty More In The Sea, and Elevator Man.
19th August, 2011
The Pharmacy Of Stories

Acoustic Sessions

An evening of performances curated by SHIFT. I will performing my songs ~ Elevator Man, Dance On My Hat, Mermaids Sing, and Sandwich Making Lady, with Daren Callow and Joanna McCormick.
12th August, 2011
Angus Hughes Gallery

Cafe Gallery Annual Open
A bottle of my Lemon Verbena Vodka Drink is included in this Annual Show.
3rd to 14th August, 2011
Cafe Gallery

The Cut - ViewTube
A smaller version of the show at SPACE - an exhibition following a year long collaboration with local people living in Hackney Wick. Archive material and new work by Chris Dorley-Brown, Jessie Brennan and myself.
21st July to 18th August, 2011
Olympic ViewTube, Stratford

The Cut - [SPACE]
An exhibition following a year long collaboration with local people living in Hackney Wick. Archive material and new work by Chris Dorley-Brown, Jessie Brennan and myself.
20th July to 12th August, 2011

Green Plot
GREEN PLOT is a gathering, exploring alternative structures for future actions, spreading a verdant revolution for change & resistance. I will be performing with This Happy Band.
26th June, 2011
Camberwell Green

A collaborative event with Nicole Polonsky that celebrated the lives of Nicole Lehan and Daniel Polonsky whose lives ended on 11 June 2011 - with life histories, memorabilia, memory cards and song.
25th June, 2011

Teaching Your Grandmother To Suck Eggs

A work as part of The School Of Chutney held on Camberwell Green during which artists and performers presented work that encouraged unlearning. My work asked people to describe their Grandmothers best skill.
19th June, 2011
Camberwell Green

The Cat Came As A Tomato
A launch for a publication documenting projects and residencies (including my own) that explored the relationship between play and contemporary art practice. I will also be performing with This Happy Band.
8th June, 2011
South London Gallery

Game Show Night
For this evening of games for the audience - I am devising ART V CHEESE ! - in which members of the audience will decide if an enlarged image is a detail from a famous artwork, or a variety of cheese. Cheese related prizes to be won !
28th May, 2011
The Montague Arms

Book Launch of NierghtravAOnWint’sIf A Teller
Texts by: David Berridge, Wayne Clements, Cinzia Cremona, George Eksts, Anna Francis, Hugh Gilmour, Daniel Lehan, Nicholas and Wiebke Morgan, Richard Price, Barbara Ryan, Ben Woodeson. Wild Pansy Press, ISBN 978- 1-900687-37-9
5th May, 2011
Gooden Gallery

A one-day event at which Aprils edition of A3 and Kissing / Whistling (a collaboration with Mr Solo) were exhibited, and at which Lord Lehan Served Gin and Tonics
1st May, 2011
Hottingerstrasse 4
Zurich, Switzerland

The Royal Act
The Reverend Daniel Lehan Performs The Marriage Ceremony Between Prince William and Kate Middleton at The Royal Act, an evening of English Dada, Cabaret Voltaire, Zurich.
29th April, 2011
Cabaret Voltaire
Zurich, Switzerland

Cover - Up was a performance of 6 hours duration with Swiss artist Veronika Spierenburg to cover the entire gallery space with local newspapers.
28th April to 4th May, 2011
Biel, Switzerland

1st International Biel City Zine Weeks
Copies of A3 - the black and white poster style publication I produce monthly - are included in this festival of artists and musicians zines, in Biel, Switzerland.
7th to 25th April, 2011
Biel, Switzerland

Publish And Be Damned
A3 - the black and white poster style publication I produce monthly - will be represented at this event which promotes artists self-published magazines and projects.
31st March, 2011
The Barbican Centre


Peckham Space Open
The first ever Peckham Space Open for which I made a pen and ink map of every shop along Rye Lane - this is part of an ongoing project to map the local area.
7th to 17th December, 2010
Peckham Space

Super Heroes Night
During the evening I will be making Super Hero Masks and Capes with members of the audience and performers.
11th November, 2010
The Montague Arms

Above The Serious
DANIEL SAYS - a series of instructions painted on small boards placed on Stoke Newington High Street - are included in this show. The instructions are based on quotes from the work of Daniel Defoe who lived in Stoke Newington for many years.
27th November to 9th December, 2010
The Gallery, Stoke Newington

James Taylor Project 10
My A3 publication is included in the work that SHIFT. a project / exhibition space is presenting in this show that provides an insight into the varying practices and projects realised by contemporary gallery organisations.
13th to 31st October, 2010
James Taylor Gallery

The Montague Festival
The Reverend Daniel Lehan will open this festival with a welcoming speech followed performances by dancing ladies, a laughing bear, musical clowns, pop stars and even a full orchestra in the bar of the pub.
2nd to 2nd October, 2010
The Montague Arms Festival

NierghtravAOnWint’sIf A Teller: a book in 8 chapters and 4 dimensions
A weekly changing series of installations by artists each responding to the preceding installation in the window space of this gallery - viewable 24/7. My installation will be visible from 8th to 14th October.
17th September to 25th November, 2010
Gooden Gallery

Lines of Desire
Brings together artists whose work explores ideas connected with journeys and routes. In addition to a set of posters which will be displayed in the local town, I will be working with a group of curators to produce their own slogans and signs.
28th August to 3rd November, 2010
Oriel Davies Gallery

Dear Diary . . .
As part of a Chisenhale Gallery and Vital Arts artist residency at the Royal London Hospital. I am working with young patients to keep diaries - the first books to enter The Mobile Gallery, from which patients, staff, and visitors may borrow.
26th July to 5th August, 2010
The Royal London Hospital

Things To Do To Make Your Day Better . . .
Is a text work painted on a 100 metre long hoarding in Kennington, South London. The texts are playful instructions devised by children and playworkers at the Charlie Chaplin Adventure Playground addressed to those passing the hoarding.
3rd to 21st June, 2010
Camberwell New Road

Animal Fair
Curated by Sarah Sparkes, Animal Fair pays homage to the beasts of the ancient Camberwell Fayre, with artists creating a fair and foul enclosure of luxurious and curious beasts. I will be holding a series of Snail Races.
27th June, 2010
Camberwell Green

Nothing Is Forever
As part of the celebrations for the extended building of the South London Gallery, This Happy Band will be performing during an evening event for young people.
25th June, 2010
South London Gallery

Following from last years YOUR ART HERE - when people were invited to hang their work on the railings around Camberwell Green, artists are invited also to perform table based public interactions, play games, or demonstrate a skill.
20th June, 2010
Camberwell Green

Witch Night
An evening of hideous costumes, screeching voices, moaning incantations, bone shattering music, foul smelling herbs, tormented effigies, familiars, curse makers and witches with more than two nipples, curated by Sarah Sparkes and Sarah Doyle.
13th May, 2010
The Montague Arms

Vote This Happy Band!
This Happy Band will perform along Vyner Street on Election Night, during the hours before the first results are announced. Performers include The Minister for Love and The Minister Of Poems You Should Not Write Poems About.
6th May, 2010
Vyner Street

Create YourTopias On 2nd Avenue
The Laughing Bear has invited This Happy Band to join him as he performs on 2nd Ave Brixton Village Market. This Happy Band is collection of musicians, performers and poets who perform troubadour style.
1st May, 2010
Brixton Market

Mikey Georgeson - Tragicosmic
I will performing several poems at the opening of this show. Mikey Georgeson is of course also known as Mr Solo -
28th April to 28th May, 2010
Sartorial Contemporary Art

At Play (2)
For the second At Play exhibition, a series - DO THIS! - of hand written site specific slogan boards are installed in and outside the arts centre building.
17th April to 20th June, 2010
South Hill Park

Daniel Lehan Presents . . .
shift is an artist run project exhibition space curated by Paul Good and Kirsty Wood. Each performance introduced by me, will take place in a different room of the house including the gallery space.
12th March, 2010

Dead Season Live Art - SHINE THE LIGHT
After performances by This Happy Band I will perform Shine The Light evoking the spirits of artists + writers (T S Eliot, Keats, Turner, Sickert) who created work in Margate, asking for their blessing on future creativity in this seaside town.
6th March, 2010

Dead Season Live Art - THIS HAPPY BAND
Lord Lehan presents This Happy Band - an ensemble of live artists, musicians, poets and performers - who will enliven and invigorate dead and redundant spaces in, and around Margate.
6th March, 2010

The Vaults Bazaar
A night of performance curated by TROVE, each performance taking place in a darkly lit vault. For this I have been invited to perform DANIEL KNOWS my tarot reading based act.
24th February, 2010
The Vaults

Second Thursdays - STARRY STARRY NIGHT
An evening of Art, Music and Comedy inspired by Vincent Van Gogh. With Caroline Gregory I will presenting Homage A Le Oreille De Van Gogh. Also featuring: Jude Cowan, The Laughing Bear, Joanna McCormick, Jon Purnell, and Mark Quinn.
14th January, 2010
The Montague Arms


Second Thursdays - MICROSQUIB
Charlotte Young and I will be lighting indoor fireworks for the sensitive, the misanthropic and the agoraphobic: hats, gloves, scarves provided. Also Jude Cowan, Hobopope and the Goldfish Cathederal, and Martin Wainwright and the Wainwrongs.
12th November, 2009
The Montague Arms

About Now
About Now presents is based on photography as performance and Live Art. My performance Expose, will be based on responses to the question - What Photograph Do You Wish You Had Taken To Record A Specific Moment Of Your Life.
21st to 31st October, 2009
Perla - Mode, Zurich

The Free Art Fair
This Happy Band performs at The Free Art Fair, roving in, and around, The Barbican Centre freely dispensing their wonderful songs, performances and poetry.
12th October, 2009
The Barbican Centre

Second Thursdays - Loud and Quiet Poems
A monthly programme of performances and live art curated by Frog Morris - I will be reading Loud and Quiet Poems, also with Daren Calow, Simon Clifton, The Urban Bear Research Centre, and Martin White.
8th October, 2009
The Montague Arms

Publish And Be Damned
A3, my poster publication is included in this annual fair promoting independent local, national and international publishers magazines, fanzines, journals, diaries and periodicals.
27th September, 2009
Bethnal Green

Night Time
A publication and exhibition curated by Ana Laura de la Torre, as part of her work as Southwarks Artist in Residence. Ana researched the theme of night time in Southwark. Works of mine are included in the show, and also the publication.
7th to 12th September, 2009
Camberwell Space

This Happy Band
An event I am curating for The Nunhead Festival. Artists, musicians and poets will perform as a roving performance collective, around Nunhead. This Happy Band will perform on street corners, outside pubs and on Nunhead Green.
21st September, 2009

Suomenlinna Treasure Hunt
Is a small scale curatorial project curated by Anna Colin (Gasworks) and HIAP curator in residence, and devised in collaboration with Veronika Spierenburg. Guides will facilitate the Treasure Hunt to visitors to the island.
27th August, 2009

Davina and Daniel are sadly breaking up after 3 years of being together. To deal with their sense of loss, they are seeking comfort by asking members of the Finnish public to hug them. Included in The Nights of the Arts taking place in Helsinki.
21st August, 2009
Courtyard of Kiasma - Museum of Modern Art

One Sandwich Short Of A Picnic
Music, Performance Poetry, and Live Art. I will be parading HATS - a stencilled slogan, Lucy Panesar and Will Chamberlain present Curricureal Vitae. From noon till 5pm.
26th July, 2009

Cafe Gallery Annual Open
Included in this exhibition is a small hand written sign that declares Daniel Lehan Est Un Imbecile.
15th July to 2nd August, 2009
Cafe Gallery

8pm - Frog Morris presents ... ART, MUSIC & COMEDY including Aaron Barschak, Daren Callow, Deference Engine, Daniel Lehan, James W. Smith, Duncan Ward, Plus more...
18th July, 2009
Shunt Lounge

Travelling Alone
A black hand painted text piece titled PACK forms part of an evening of works, reflecting on artists’ journeys, with solo performances, video works and installations. Curated by Isira Makuloluwe.
20th June, 2009
Waterside Project Space

The Wild As Will And Mediation
Inspired by The Singing Ringing Tree, an eastern European fairy tale I saw as a child on TV, a video shows me dressed as a bear making flowers, doves, and a magical tree. Works also by Suzanne Moxhay and Nicholas Symes.

26th June to 25th July, 2009
Wiebke Morgan

A participatory work for Camberwell Arts Festival inviting everyone to bring their art to be hung on the railings around Camberwell Green. Register at the Meeting Point on the Green to be allocated a space.
21st to 21st June, 2009
Camberwell Green

The Big Event
Commissioned by HOME, live artists and performers present their own interpretations of Victorian sideshows. With Rosie Cooper, Stephanie Douet, Marcia Farquhar, Martina von Holn, Lottie Leedham, Daniel Lehan, Bob and Robert Smith, and Eva Weaver.
20th to 20th June, 2009
Myatts Fields Park

Police and Violence
I am contributing found Police Incident Report Documentation to this event featuring art, live performances, music. Artists include Neil Drabble, Laura Oldfield Ford, Charlie Fox, Gilbert & George, Yul Hilton, Calum F. Kerr, and Micalef.
6th to 6th June, 2009
Presented by The Guy Hilton Gallery at The Sassoon Gallery

What Line Isn’t That Anyone?

A Live Art radio show curated by Calum F. Kerr, broadcast live on Resonance FM, featuring a selection of performances. I will performing SORRIES - collected from people who wish me to make their apologies on their behalf.

2nd to 2nd June, 2009

PH7 - South City Radio
A short reading on South City Radio, on the PH7 programme, hosted by poet Patrick Lyons on Wednesday evenings. I will be saying SORRIES on behalf of several people - a preview of a forthcoming longer SORRIES piece for Resonance FM.
13th to 13th May, 2009

A group show with work by artists including Jono Allen, Neville Cooper, Sarah Bowker-Jones, Adrian Lee and Holly Simpson. An embroidery of mine Hey Boy (2004), is in the show.
23rd to 27th April, 2009
KUBE Gallery
Poole, Bournemouth

The Role Of The Village Idiot
I will be performing Spick and Span during this afternoon (2 to 6pm) of performances curated by Mark McGowan with Lee Campbell, Marcia Farquhar, Calum F. Kerr, Frog Morris, and many more.
28th March, 2009
Peckham Square

Second Thursdays - 50 NOT OUT !
Is a a birthday celebration / retrospective of my work, with live artists and performers presenting their own interpretations of my work during the evening.
12th March, 2009
The Montague Arms

Age and Memory
A copy of ChildHood Diary Pages is included in this show exploring the concepts of ageing and memory and the relationship between each.
26th January to 25th April, 2009
Orleans House Gallery

Contested Ground
Davina and Daniel (my collaborative practice with Davina Drummond) are included in this event curated by students of Goldsmiths MFA Curating and Royal College of Art Curating Masters - see website for further details.
17th to 18th January, 2009
176 Gallery

Second Thursdays- Scrapbook Tales
A monthly event curated by Frog Morris. This evening will include: The Brazner - Young, talented and very, very funny, Hypno Cack - Hypnosis with Cack U Like, Less -Minimalist Art Rock, and I will be reading bizarre stories from my scrapbooks.
8th January, 2009
The Montague Arms


As part of the First Thursday gallery programme, Puppenspielerei is a group show at Wiebke Morgan. In German Puppenspielerei means puppet show, or playing with dolls. I will be performing WILF, a ventriloquist based act.
4th to 7th December, 2008
Wiebke Morgan

Cafe Gallery Annual Open
Included in this exhibition are two hand painted text pieces, titled NEVER and FORBIDDEN.
26th November to 14th December, 2008
Cafe Gallery

Second Thursdays - Micro Performance
This evening will be curated by Rebecca Birch. The performers will abandon the main stage and come down to interact directly with people in the pub. Charlotte Young and I will facilitate an indoor Fireworks Display.
13th November, 2008
The Montague Arms

Free Art Fair 2008
ART 4 NOWT - a street performance which invites people to saw off a piece of wood from a tree trunk, is included in a program of the performance art, curated by Lee Campbell and Frog Morris.
13th October, 2008
New Quebec St and Seymour Place

Scene In The Making
Is curated by Lee Campbell and Frog Morris and features work by leaders of British performance art, painting, sculpture and film/video art alongside emerging artists, at Nicholls and Clarke as part of the Concrete and Glass Festival.
2nd to 3rd October, 2008

Nunhead Open
Takes place this year in the Old Insurance Shop, 26 Nunhead Lane. An eclectic mix of works. I am submitting two text based works FORGET and FORBIDDEN- instructions to those who participate and view the Open.
19th to 28th September, 2008

From The Picturesque To The Demolished
At the Railway Tavern on Angel Lane, Stratford, following the illegal destruction of Stratfords Angel Cottage. Videos, performances and installations by artists and architects relating to ideas of destruction, political protest or regeneration
27th September, 2008
The Railway Tavern

A bingo night devised with Lorna Giezot, with bingo themed events by Elaine Arkell, Tim Flitcroft, Calum F. Kerr, Morvern Callar + Helen McCookerybook, Frog Morris, Martin Soan, Vivienne Soan, Magic Spack, Laura Wilson, and Charlotte Young.
20th September, 2008
The Nunhead Festival

Stage Struck
15 Artists are invited by Lee Campbell to watch the evening performance of Moll Flanders at the Southwark Playhouse, and to create a work in response to the play, which is then presented / performed to that nights audience.
14th August, 2008
SouthWark Playhouse

The Public Acts
A commissioned site-specific work by this newly opened gallery. Members of the public will be invited to explore the building through a prescribed action. 26 to 27 July and
9th to 10th August, 2008
The Public
New Street, West Bromwich

A Celebration of Madness, Creativity and Individuality. I will be leading a parade of Sandwich Boards made during the afternoon in a series of workshops open to the public - a partnership with the South London Art Gallery.
19th July, 2008
Camberwell Green

Consume Peckham
SEE & COLLECT (with Miranda Peake and Michelle Masters) for Consume Peckham, comprises of collaged items from the Argos Catalogue, displayed in the window of Argos, 54 Rye Lane, Peckham. On July 19th, these will be offered to Argos shoppers.
14th to 20th July, 2008
Argos Store, Peckham

Open Surgery
by Davina and Daniel, will occur 11am-3pm on the 21 / 22 June, and from 7- 9pm on the 21st. Ever been hurt? Tell Davina and Daniel, and they will MAKE it better. After the 22nd, the work, including a video piece, will be viewable in the window.
21st June to 20th July, 2008
The Surgery

Camberwell Festival - Stone Cold Sober
Join myself, Calum F. Kerr, Gail Burton, Mark McGowan, and Lucy Panaser in an event for the Camberwell Festival inspired by the idea of sobriety.
20th June, 2008
The Hermits Cave

Camberwell Arts Festival - WALK HERE
Local cultural historian Mobheg Rich will entertain, and enthral, those who join the WALK HERE tour around Camberwell, relating hitherto unknown accounts of the visits of celebrated artists and writers to Camberwell.
15th June, 2008

Camberwell Arts Festival - HERE
HERE are a series of commissioned plaques, located in various shop windows, commemorating the visits of cultural icons, including Picasso, Hemingway, the Brontes and Rembrandt, to Camberwell.
14th to 22nd June, 2008

Second Thursdays - Old Chaps Evening
A monthly programme of performances and live art curated by Frog Morris - I will be reading pages from A Child Hood Diary 1959-1972 (Part One).
12th June, 2008
The Montague Arms

Galerie Tam Tam
Work will be shown in 19 shops, as part of this festival in Leiden, including butchers, bakers, barbers, a pharmacy, florist, and a corner shop. Curated by Sonja van Kerkhoff.
9th May to 9th June, 2008
The Netherlands

Suburbia Revisited
An evening of video documentation of live performances from Suburbia (curated by Lee Campbell), which took place at The Foreign Press Association, London on 1 March 2008
1st May, 2008
Wiebke Morgan

Play On Words
An event curated by Lee Campbell, the theme of language and text and the relevance of the spoken and visual word is explored by Lee Campbell, Paul Carr, Calum F. Kerr, Sarah Bowker-Jones, Robert Luzar, Frog Morris, and Laura Wilson.
16th to 16th April, 2008
Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts
University of East Anglia, Norwich

Subliminal Seduction
Explores the juncture between activism and art. Lee Campbell, Chris Clarke, Daniel Lehan, Katy Richardson & James Topple, Tony Rickaby, Daryl Waller and Kat Wiggs will have work represented at points along London’s famous shopping conduit
5th to 5th April, 2008
Oxford Street

Meet The Artists
Coinciding with the launch of the Artist in Residence programme, this exhibition is an opportunity to see the work of some of the professional artists who are involved with the gallery education programme.
3rd to 27th April, 2008
Orleans House Gallery

The King and I
An exhibition reflecting the influence of Elvis Presley on, and position in, contemporary culture.
 Included are my text works: Picasso V Elvis Whose The Daddy, Where Were You and Elvis / Hirst
17th March to 26th April, 2008
Herbert Read Gallery

An performance and music curated by Lee Campbell. I will be presenting a new work titled Obituary.
1st March, 2008
The Foreign Press Association

Second Thursdays - Valentine Special
As part of Second Thursdays, a monthly programme of performances and live art curated by Frog Morris at The Montague Arms, Davina and Daniel present Be Our Valentine.
14th February, 2008
The Montague Arms

You Find Yourself Here
An exhibition exploring - through the creation of maps - the city of Leiden.
3rd February to 27th April, 2008
RAP architectuurcentrum


ArtSway Open07
My work Elvis / Hirst has been selected for this open. Other participating artists include Julie Cockburn, Laura Green, Caroline Thomson, and Bob Parks.
12th December, 2007 to 9th February, 2008

Nickolaus Tag Event
Games and participatory artwork by Wiebke and Nicholas Morgan, Julia Moore and Daniel Lehan.
6th December, 2007
Wiebke Morgan

The Kaunas Biennial
lonely heARTs - a collaborative project with Davina Drummond - is one of 34 works selected by the biennial selection panel, which included Janis Jefferies - Professor of Visual Arts, Goldsmiths.
30th November, 2007 to 2nd March, 2008
M. Zilinskas Art Gallery


A Blakean Birthday Party
A placard made from Blakes dictum I must create my own system or be enslaved by another mans was included in this event celebrating the 250th Birthday of William Blake.
28th November, 2007
Tate Britain

Bad Boy Billy Blakes Big Birthday Bash
A celebration of the life and work of the poet, artist and visionary. Featuring Zolan Quobble, Billy Wobbledagger, Sibyl Madrigal and Jazzman John Clarke. The Ivy House is near Peckham Rye Common, where Blake saw his angels. £5 / 2 concessions.
25th November, 2007
The Ivy House

Cafe Gallery Open Exhibition
An unselected exhibition of national and international drawings, painting, print making, sculpture, photography and video.
21st November to 9th December, 2007
Cafe Gallery

The Curse Of Me
The Curse of Me is an evening of performance. My work We Are Shadows will present a selection of magical, religious and historical texts relating to Brick Lane.
20th November, 2007
The Old Truman Brewery

Beneath The Tarmac, The Grass
Included in this show, curated by Katherine Webborn, is a Police Evidence & Actions Book complete with Notes of Arrest, which I found in a set of cabinets I had bought for my studio in 2004.
12th to 17th November, 2007
Bromley House Library

A retrospective of my Sandwich Boards. Visitors will be able to join me as I take a new set of painterly messages, made specially for the event, into the world. Open from 12 to 9pm on Thursday 4 October and from 12 to 6pm on Friday 5 October.
4th to 7th October, 2007
Wiebke Morgan

Peer Esteem
For Peer Esteem, artists were invited to submit 4 A3 pieces of work on paper. Only one group of four will be seen at anyone time. Each group may be selected and shown on demand - demand is made by any person visiting the gallery.
14th to 23rd September, 2007
Five Years

Nunhead Open 4
This open will takes place at two venues. The Surgery at 123 Evelina Rd, and at 34 Nunhead Green, SE15. Please Do Not Buy This, a framed typed letter asking any potential buyer to NOT buy the work has been selected.
14th to 23rd September, 2007
The Surgery

Eight Weeks of Change
Eight Weeks of Change, a work by Davina and Daniel, offers the opportunity to engage in a variety of Self Help inspired activities, devised to encourage self-reflection, interactions, personal affirmations and creativity.
14th September to 11th November, 2007
Space Station Sixty-Five

Liberty Festival
Invited by Creative Routes to participate in this festival, I will be parading an Its A Mad, Mad World sandwich board, a handpainted collection of bizarre, yet true newspaper stories.
1st September, 2007
Trafalgar Square

A night of music, art and peformance curated by Lee Campbell occurring in a house in Streatham. Jenny Baines, Sarah Bowker - Jones, Lee Campbell, Marcia Farquar, Rachael House, Calum F.Kerr, Adrian Lee, Daniel Lehan, Mike Ryer, Daniel Scroggins.
18th August, 2007
27 Penrith Street

Street Recipes
Street Recipes invited people attending the Cazenove Street Party to write or draw their favourite recipe. These recipes were then distributed in the local area. A collaborative work with Davina Drummond.
1st July, 2007
Stoke Newington Festival

Collaborating with Yara El Sherbini, Neil Taylor, Kerry Duggan, Olie Choke, Nina Jan Beier, Marie Jan Lund, Gabrielle O Connor, Abigail Hunt, Kieren Reed, Davina Drummond & Daniel Lehan, young people will devise participation based activities.
11th to 30th June, 2007
Studio Voltaire and
Cubitt Gallery and Studios, London

The smallest art gallery in Leicestershire is showing Smallworks, an exhibition taking place in a 6 x 4 foot garden shed, which will then tour to selected venues in the county until the autumn.
11th June to 31st October, 2007
Mantle Arts

deviant Art Festival
An event based festival of interactions, to include artist - audience collaborations, and artist - artist collaborations.
14th to 28th July, 2007
The Pumphouse Gallery and the Museum of Contemporary Art
Trolhatten, Sweden

Peckham Petastic3
Rachael House invites you to the canine art social event of the year! I will be wearing DOG TAILS, a sandwich board with dog stories. With Marcia Farquhar, Simon Ould, WebsterGotts, Laura Wilson. A Space Station Sixty-Five satellite event.
23rd June, 2007
Peckham Square

Gorilla In the Roses - Camberwell Arts Festival - Live Art Programme
Inspired by Orton’s and Halliwell’s defacing of library books this work grants participants permission to similarly deface books, creating a ‘micro library’. Camberwell Public Library, 1.00 to 3.30 pm. A collaborative work with Davina Drummond.
22nd June, 2007

Peripatetic Proverbs - Camberwell Arts Festival - Live Art Programme
Inspired by the plethora of leaflets handed out on London streets, I have written and hand printed a series of proverbs on cards, which I will hand out to passers-by around Camberwell Green, 2.00 to 5.00pm.
21st June, 2007

Service Wash Tales - Camberwell Arts Festival - Live Art Programme
Customers at the laundry are invited to exchange stories about clothes. Each will be handwritten and given to the customer. Tumble Wash Launderette, 10.30 to 3.30pm. A collaborative work with Davina Drummond.
20th June, 2007

A Celebration of Madness, Creativity and Individuality. For this event I will be a Sandwich Board Man parading - Its A Mad Mad World ! - a collection of bizarre newspaper stories. Also appearing Bobby Baker, Kim Noble and John Hegley.
2nd June, 2007
Camberwell Green

Abandoned Chairs
A publication, and an exhibition, from an open submission photography project initiated by Paul Kuzemczak of discarded / dumped / unwanted chairs.
My photograph taken in Sarajevo is included.
Abandoned Chairs ISBN 1-872482-83-X
15th January to 28th February, 2007
Norwich Arts Centre


Invited by Lucia Cipriano to make work for her mobile gallery Cart Blanche, participating in FRED, I have written twelve Art Recipe Haikus, each an invitation to visitors of the festival to make art.
30th September to 15th October, 2006
Various locations

I & Me
Eight artists collaborate with young people to explore contemporary understandings, interpretations and manifestations of identity.
23rd to 30th August, 2006
Studio Voltaire

Jumble It Up
Included in an evening’s performance of contemporary theatre, live art and dance is 50 Reasons for Getting Up inspired by the final diaries of Ian Breakwell.
22nd June, 2006
Burton-Taylor Theatre

The Stars Down To Earth
Included in this group show curated by Andrew Hunt, are selected pages from Terri King Predicts ... my daily diary kept in 2005, compares and contrasts the astrological predictions made for the star sign Pisces, with the actual daily events in m
23rd June to 22nd July, 2006
The Nunnery Gallery

Splashdown, Whitstable
Invited by Space Station Sixty-Five, Kolley Kibber will visit the seadside town of Whitstable. Recognise him from posters and claim an Art Prize! A work inspired by Graham Greenes Brighton Rock.
3rd to 17th June, 2006

Selected for Sideshow - an artist-led initiative developed to coincide with the British Art Show 6 - HIDE will observe and record peoples behaviour and overheard conversations.
21st April to 4th June, 2006
Various locations


ArtSway Open 05
3rd December, 2005 to 19th February, 2006
Sway, Hampshire

a-mart: The Art Supermarket
A concoction of Lemon Verbena (grown in my Herb Garden) and Vodka, beautifully labelled by Steve Johnson, bottled for this end of year show.
18th November to 24th December, 2005
Ale and Porter Arts

Kiosk (XIII) Modes of Multiplication
December, 2005 to 31st January, 2006

Kiosk (XII) Modes of Multiplication
16th September to 30th October, 2005
Istanbul Biennial 2005

Kolley Kibber RIP
31st July, 2005
Bow Festival

A.A.A.B.A.M. in America
23rd July to 11th August, 2005
Bayennale Festival of Contemporary Art
San Francisco

Grounds for Designs
17th May to 24th July, 2005
Museum of Domestic Design and Architecture, Middlesex University

25th April to 21st May, 2005
University Gallery

Printing Matters ! Symposium
2nd to 3rd April, 2005
Witte de With

Printing Matters !
Kiosk (XII) Modes of Multiplication
31st March to 17th April, 2005
Witte de With

A.A.A.B.A.M. Upstairs
27th February, 2005
The Upstairs Gallery


You Are Here Festival
24th September to 3rd October, 2004
You Are Here Festival

(Artists Association of Autonomous Book Art & Magazines)
26th to 28th November, 2004
Berlin Book Fair

The Sex Show
21st to 25th August, 2004
The Lotus Gallery

The Secret Garden
25th to 28th July, 2004
66a East Dulwich Rd

Margate Rocks !
24th to 31st July, 2004
Thanet Contemporary Arts Festival

What's That in The Woods ?
5th July to 20th August, 2004
Millfield Arts Centre

State of Independence
2nd to 11th July, 2004
Leswin Place and Ilex Works

The Good, The Bad, and The ...
24th June to 11th July, 2004
Campbell Works

Embroidery at the Bull
21st May to 19th June, 2004

19th May to 6th June, 2004
M + R Gallery

Outdoor Habitats
20th April to 11th July, 2004
Museum of Domestic Design and Architecture, Middlesex University

Mostyn Open
20th March to 15th May, 2004
Oriel Mostyn Gallery

Love and Bullets
13th to 21st February, 2004
Transition Gallery

6th to 31st January, 2004
Substation Project Space

18th December to 4th January, 2004
Century Gallery


4th to 7th December, 2003
Millers House

Annual Open
19th November to 14th December, 2003
Café Gallery Projects

19th to 30th November, 2003
sevenseven gallery

1st to 30th November, 2003
Transition Gallery

Nth Art Show
17th October to 2nd November, 2003
Ols & Co

Margate Rocks !
26th July to 6th August, 2003
Thanet Contemporary Arts Festival

Live reading of ARTSOUP diary entries for Radio Cycle
Interference: Public Sound
19th July, 2003
Bow Arts Festival

Come On You Intellectuals
21st June to 6th August, 2003
Deptford X Festival

Last Days in the Garden
8th January to 2nd February, 2003
Ashley Gardens